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Sex on a Blind Date - Easydater

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vatos locos. 8 years ago
That fucker couldn't get control of that bitch I wouldv told that whore bitch start sucking my dick and shut the fuckup I wouldv been making her gag not like that punk ass fluffy wanna be. That fool is a pussy I wouldv look better doing that porn
lizabetta southwhore 8 years ago
This was such a classic mismatch, that it was actually funny to watch and listen to. Her mother told her not to kiss on the first date, but apparently anything else was fair game.
her name is 8 years ago
Ramona luv and her husband Danny Dukes he died of an overdose RIP
3 years ago
That was one of the most unusual Fucks I've ever seen.
Christopher Gonzales 7 years ago
Hi I need someone to talk to to have sex with a condom
lol 11 years ago
shes pisssed cus he is fat and ugly
Slutpaula 3 years ago
My husband likes the idea of me being able to just meet any guy and be fucking him minutes later. I always go home covered in cum so my husband knows I was his perfect slut.
cal 8 years ago
she is hot as hell, id destroy her , he is just regular looking guy, some people watch too much tv they think everyone has a six pack and have model like face
george 10 years ago
yea i know that bitch is ramona luv ive uploaded 4 more of her videos
Frank o 2 months ago
She’s a cutie
He wasted an opportunity